terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2012

Media Server - Paging Queries

One useful type of URL query are paging queries, they limit the returned data into a specified range so, since the amount of displayed items are lower,  the interface performance is improved.

Since we are implementing a XMPP media server, would be great to have something similar to RSM (XMPP way to do pagination), at least, similar to its syntax. So, the implemented paging for the media server is like:

 GET /channel@domain.com/media?max=10 -> returns max 10 metadata media info
 GET /channel@domain.com/media?max=10&after=foo -> returns max 10 metadata media info after the media with id equals to foo

There are no new features to be implemented, so the effort in this final week is to polish the code and improve documentation.

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