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GSoC 2012 - Some specification changes

During the last two weeks, we decide to do some changes at the URLs definitions and the stored metadata of each media.

Now, the URLs are:

POST /media/<entityId>

PUT, DELETE, GET /media/<entityId>/<mediaId>

POST, PUT, DELETE, GET /media/<entityId>/avatar

Also we defined two query parameters, maxheight and maxwidth, in this way, if the client sends a request like

GET /media/lounge@topics.buddycloud.org/aksdh10201d?maxheigth=100&maxwidth=100

The returned media is a preview of " aksdh10201d " with dimensions that not exceed 100x100. It is assumed that the client will ask for previews of "thumbnailing" media, like images and videos.

Since /media/<entityId>/<mediaId> and /media/<entityId>/avatar can be confused by Restlet's router, I'm facing some problems due to that, I'm trying to figure out a solution that doesn't involve changing those defined URL templates.

Other significant change occurred at POST media request, now, the client should provide a multipart/form-data with 6 parameters:

  • uploadtoken: related to authentication process;
  • filename: the real name of the file (including its extension);
  • title: a title for the media (optional);
  • description: media's description;
  • author: the user that is uploading this file;
  • binaryFile: the file content.
The server response is a JSON representation of the uploaded media metadata:

   "title":"Test Image",
   "description":"My Test Image",

Next week, I'm planning to fix the URL confusion issue, and develop the first XMPP functionalities, like upload/download media from public channels.

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